Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Wednesday 17th June

A day of contrasting weather. We were woken by a cacophony of noise. It sounded as though it was lashing it down with rain and that there was a force 8 gale going on. Once you were outside though, it turned out to be gentle but persistent rain in a strong breeze. The yurt seems to amplify the noise, but when you think about it, this is always the case with tents - their construction is akin to that of a drum after all!
As the morning wore on, it did in fact rain heavier, the wind increased to the point that it was almost deafening inside the yurt, and the visibility outside was very low. We had a lie in. Well, I did, Sally still got up fairly early and made me a lovely mug of tea....which went cold because I went back to sleep!
We eventually went out just before lunchtime, and paid a visit to Solva Woollen Mill (quite interesting, good gift shop, and they had a really nice jazz CD playing on their stereo). Then we went to a pottery place (nice things, very expensive), another gift shop (full of interesting things that no one needs and paintings and photos that were mostly overpriced) before making our way to Newgale Sands yet again, and having lunch in the cafe there.
By the time we had finished lunch (about 3pm by now) it had stopped raining and really brightened up. We sat on the seafront for a while watching the waves, before checking out another little cove on the outskirts of St.Davids, and then heading back to camp.
It had now turned into a lovely day, sunny but still windy, and the views were as clear as any other day, maybe even better over towards the oil refinery at Milford Haven!
The evening carried on just as nicely, but the visibility did go a little hazy as the time wore on. I have to say, yet again, what an utterly beautiful place this is. Not only are the views stunning, but it is such a peaceful place to be. It is going to be quite a shock to go home on Saturday.
Thankfully the wind has dropped as we head toward bedtime, which means that we can actually hear the radio now. We haven't missed TV one bit while we have been away, and have the radio on most evenings, usually on Radio 4. The reception of that has been a bit hit and miss, radio 3 being the strongest signal along with BBC Radio Wales and Radio Cymru which is all in Welsh! Radio 2 has been mostly unavailable, and 5 Live on medium wave has been a joke. I have actually gotten to really like 4 in the evenings, and suspect that it will be a regular companion back home. I usually listen to it late at night and early in the morning back home, but rarely in the evenings.
I'm rambling now, so will sign off for tonight......see you all tomorrow!

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