Thursday, 18 June 2009

Thursday 18th June

We had to get up in the early hours for a visit to the little boys and girls rooms. It was a very clear night and the sky was full of stars. It wasn't quite as impressive as last year in Norfolk, but not far off. It makes you realise just how insignificant our planet is in the grand scheme of things.
We both found it hard to wake up again this morning, and ended up having a lie-in. I think we will both be in need of a holiday by the end of this!!
The day started off dull, and we even had a couple of very brief and very light showers, but they were hardly worth mentioning, so I won't.
Today's main plan was to have a proper look around St.Davids itself. We parked in the carpark at the top of the "city" and wondered down via the visitors centre. This is a modern and interestingly designed building which contains lots of useful information about the area.
The city itself really is as bereft of shops as our initial short wonder around had led us to believe. The few shops that are here are actually quite good and carry fairly extensive ranges of goods. You probably wouldn't come here with the specific intention of shopping, but if you got here and found you had forgotten something vital, you would be in with a bit of a chance of finding it.
We also discovered that there is a fish and chip shop here! You wouldn't know it, as it is down an alley and not labelled as such, but there is a very discrete picture sign which, if you spot it, might lead you to guess what may be down the alley. We tried it out, and were pleasantly surprised.
It was market day in the city, and about half a dozen stalls had squeezed themselves onto the triangular shaped area in the centre of the city. This area is about the same size and shape as the one which contains the clock tower in Kenilworth to give you an idea of scale.
We then moved on to Porthgain, which is a tiny harbour village to the North West of St Davids. There was very little there, but it is one of those quaint little villages that leaves an impression on you. It used to be a major harbour in the supply of slate, bricks and stones, which supplied all of these to most parts of britain for buildings and roads.
We had our first cream tea of the holiday at a little cafe there which was very tasty indeed.
The afternoon and evening were much brighter, though still windy. After a dinner of chilli and rice (yummy) we went on the walk to the clifftop to watch the sunset again. Despite it being very windy and a bit chilly, we stayedv there for best part of an hour watching the spectacular sunset. Sally took lots of photos on the digital camera while I was a bit more selective this time as I was using the two film cameras. Hopefully some of the photos will turn out ok.
The kettle is on now for a bedtime mug of tea, as we look forward to our last full day here tomorrow.....

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