Thursday, 11 June 2009

Thursday evening

To begin our trip today we drove back towards Cardigan, with the intention of going to Poppit Sands, which we had been told was nice by a couple at breakfast. By the time we got there it had become quite dull and overcast, so we decided not to pay the £3 parking charge and drove on down incredibly narrow country lanes and through villages that, according to my map, don't actually exist.
It is very much a farming community around here, and it reminded me of some of the lanes around the country areas where we live. But narrower. And with the sea on one side!
We then ended up at Newport Sands, where there was a small carpark just down from the golf club. The car park attendant told us it was £3 for the day, or 60p for an hour, but that there wasn't anything worth seeing. We paid for an hour. He had a point, there wasn't anything worth seeing.......apart from the amazing view! It was right down at beach level looking across to Dinas Head. If it hadn't been so dull, cold and windy, we would have spent some time there on the beach, but as it was, we retreated to the car and read for a while.
Before our time was up, we drove on, and going on one of my hunches from looking at the map, turned off the main road at Dinas Cross, and headed onto the VERY narrow lane on the south side of Dinas Head. This really was a narrow and winding road, which became quite scary in places, before suddenly opening up into a lovely sandy bay, complete with free parking, tea shop and toilets. Result!
I can't for the life of me remember what the place was called (it didn't have many vowels in it I seem to recall) and even if I could, I wouldn't post it on here - the last thing it needs is hoards of tourists descending on it!! (Yeah, because there are thousands of people reading this your dreams Mike, in your dreams!)
We spent some time there watching people's dogs playing on the beach and four young guys trying to throw a rugby ball around to impress their girlfriends. I don't think they were actually watching and seemed to be quite happy talking among themselves. Eventually, feeling a bit hungry, we decided to move on to Fishguard.
Now, on the map, Fishguard is made out to be a fairly large town of some importance. Don't be fooled. The free parking should have had us on our guard, but we had been lulled into a false sense of security with our other free parking experiences this week, and we fell for it.
If we said that it was naff, it would be doing it a dis-service. It wasn't actually good enough to be naff. In fairness, I did buy Sally a lovespoon there from a gift shop that was up for sale. (As a business with potential - potential to lose you a lot of money if you were foolish enough to invest in it!) It seemed as though the majority of the town was either closed or up for sale. There really was very little to see there.
At the recommendation of a shop keeper we then headed to Goodwick (where Fishguard port is) on the eternal search for fish and chips. We did indeed find one there, and managed to get our order in as they were about to close. They cooked the fish and chips especially for us, and I have to admit that I wasn't holding out much hope for the quality of them. It could even be said that I was a bit grumpy. I have to confess that I was wrong - they were superb, almost as good as the ones from Aberraron.
The rest of the afternoon was spent back at the tipi sunning ourselves on the decking. It was a glorious afternoon, and. Sally did more sunbathing than me - it was a bit too hot for me really, so I went inside to read and fell asleep!
We are now on the deck having eaten, watching the sun go down, and starting to get ready for bed. Another (mostly) successful day - let's hope the weather remains this good......

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