Saturday, 13 June 2009

Saturday 13th June

We bade farewell to Fforest this morning. It was a little sad, we had only been there for five days, but had grown fond of most aspects of life there. The weather was lovely as we packed up the rest of our things and trundled them down the hill to our car.
The one question that just had to be asked was:- Why is it everytime we have been camping it has rained as we took the tent down, but this time, when we didn't have to take a tent down, it was lovely and sunny? Answers on a postcard please!
The lad at the lodge seemed unsure what he had to do to book us out, and in the end didn't bother to check that we had returned everything. As the inventory said that we had 2 reindeer hides when in fact there were 3 meant that we could have snuck off with one, which was tempting as we had grown very fond of them. BUT, as we are good campers, we left them all in the tipi, and no doubt they will be wondering if they are breeding.
We hit the road, and had to make a one hour journey last 4 and a bit hours. We decided to try out Strumble Head, which ended up being an adventure. I elected to go my way rather than the signposted way. My reasoning was that having been down some of the narrow roads in Goodwick a few days before, and seeing how they narrowed even more as the went out of the village, that the route I chose couldn't be as bad.
How wrong was I? The lanes I had us going down didn't even have tarmac down their centres! They were just about wide enough for our car, were very winding and hilly, and to cap it all turned out to be on a bus route! Yes, we met the Strumble Flier on its way back from the Head as we got near to it ourselves. Poor Sally had to reverse back up the lane for ages until we were able to pull into a farm gate. What on earth was the bus doing going there anyway? All there is is a lovely view of the sea and the lighthouse. I can't imagine many of the locals were going to hop on it to go down to the shops! How odd.
We stayed at the Head for about half an hour, before taking the recommended route back to civilisation - much easier that way than mine and carrying along the main road towards St.Davids. There was surprisingly little traffic about for a Saturday afternoon, we saw hardly any other cars going in either direction.
Arriving in St.Davids itself, we discovered that its claim to be the smallest city in the UK (and 2nd smallest in the world) is no idle claim. It is TINY! It makes Kenilworth look huge and cosmopolitan in comparison. We parked up and had a little wonder around, grabbed a sandwich for lunch from a nice deli, and got a few provisions for the weekend from a small private supermarket.
There was either a very posh wedding taking place at the cathedral or there was a fancy dress party going on, as we saw quite a few people in fancy three piece suits and women in fancy hats. As the bells started up not long later, my bet is on a wedding, but you never know these days do you?
Back at the car, we checked the directions to the farm, and headed down yet more tiny lanes and found Pencwync Farm exactly where they said it would be. There is a small farmhouse where the owners live, a toilet and shower block in what was probably once an outhouse, and three fields, one of which has our yurt proudly standing there. It is made of white canvas, is about 16 feet in diameter, the main walls are vertical to about head height before sloping up into the roof. The hole in the centre of the roof has a clear covering to it, which is good, as this means we won't get wet if it rains!
The views are stunning all around, we can just about see a small strip of the sea, but being less than a mile from the coast means that it is only a short walk to see it properly. First impressions are that the yurt itself is superb, fairly new and very well equiped. The toilet and shower facilities are basic but adequate. There is also a fridge freezer and microwave available in the block for campers to use.
We are sitting in the sun outside the main door of the yurt, there is a gentle breeze, and I already have got a sunburt neck! Trust me - every time I do that - when will I learn?
I will sign off for now, but will leave you with some photos of our new tranquil home.......

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  1. Where is Sundays activities then?
    Hope you are both having a good time and the weather stays good.
    Mike, With all this fresh air and exercise you will only need half a seat when the season starts :)
    Keep him going sally