Sunday, 14 June 2009

Sunday 14th June

Sorry for such a late update today, but we have been busy!!
Now, we have had a concerned email from a blog watcher, who was worried about our breakfast routine now we are in the yurt. I am sorry to inform you that we have elected to avoid the fry-up option, and have gone down the porridge route instead. Sorry.
The fresh air left us both feeling very tired, and we had a good lie-in this morning. We managed a good nights sleep thanks to the very comfy bed, and the yurt itself is lovely and warm. We like it a LOT. (For sale: 3 bedroomed house in Coventry, would consider part-exchange for yurt, log cabin, old railway carriage or similar)
After our porridge breakfast/brunch, we drove out through St.Davids towards Haverfordwest. We stopped off at Newgale on the way, which is a very odd little place. The main A road twists and turns down into this place which I basically the road with a few shops/cafes on one side, the beach and sea on the other. It comes as rather a surprise, and even more surprising was how quiet it was. It was a gloriously sunny Sunday early afternoon, and there weren't many people there. Put the same place in Dorset or Devon and it would have been packed!
We moved on to the outskirts of Haverfordwest to Morrisons where we bought some provisions to tide us over for the next few days.
Back at the yurt, we decided to go for a walk down to the cove nearby. It is less than a mile across farmers fields, and a gentle slop down to a rocky bay, where there was only 4 other people. Beautifully peaceful, sunny, picturesque and idylic, it was a place I could never tire of.
In your best Welsh accent, say outloud "there's lovely", and you will sum up our opinion on this area. We love it.
After dinner of salad and cheese, we got talking to the people in the tent behind us. They are from Torquay, have been here for a week, and go home tomorrow. Since they have been here, they have not used their car at all. They have done loads of walking, and are both amazingly fit.
He is also a keen photographer, and told me about the sunsets he had seen from the hill beyond the camp. He persuaded us to give it a try, and it was an easy walk as he had promissed. He joined us while we were up there waiting for the sun to go down. We took lots of photos, some good, some less so.
Back at the camp, we all carried on chatting till about half past ten, well passed our usual bed time, but it was very nice to have met some new people and got on so well.
This is my excuse for such a late update to the blog! Sally is asleep now, and I am waiting for the mug of tea to cool down enough to drink, before I doze off too.....

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