Friday, 12 June 2009

Friday evening

Our last full day at Fforest was a bit of a strange one to begin with. I had a very difficult time waking up, and had a major lie-in. We decided to skip breakfast at the lodge and tidy up some of our remnants for breakfast instead.
The weather was looking very dull indeed, and while it stayed dry, it was cold and windy and didn't look very enticing. We decided to have a chilled out morning, which involved my being asleep more than awake, and even Sally dozed off for a while - virtually unheard of.
Around noon, we came to, and the weather had brightened up a bit. We had decided to take one trolley load of luggage down to the car today to save having to do two on Saturday. We sorted things out into "need" and "don't need", and took the latter down with us to the car and filled the boot up.
Our first port of call today was Cillgerran Castle. Well, that was the plan. It appears that there is no actual car park, and that you are supposed to dump your car in the already crowded village main street. In the end we gave it up as a bad job, and headed out to the Honey Farm near New Quay. This turned out to be a small but well set out operation, and Sally did buy some of their wares.
We then made another attempt at finding New Quay itself. What is not at first apparant, and is certainly not signposted, is that the main hub of activity involves entering the one way system of tiny streets. I only knew this as I had picked up a street map at the Honey Farm!
New Quay has more that its fair share of fish and chip shops, with almost every third shop being one. Why can't they share them out with the rest of the area a bit more?
Today we elected to have a pasty instead, and ate them on the harbour front. The sun had come out by now, and it was very pleasant indeed.
After a short wonder around, we jumped back into the car, and headed down some of the narrowest lanes of the holiday yet, in an attempt to find Llangrannog. Eventually, when we did manage to find it, and trust me, it wasn't easy, it turned out to be well worth the effort, probably being the gem of the week so far. No wonder they keep it so well hidden! It is a tiny village that just happens to have a great beach. It is definately somewhere we would have liked to have spent longer. We ended up on the beach, sitting on a rock watching two dogs playing. The younger of them seemed to have boundless energy, we couldn't believe how he could just keep on and on running about.
On the journey back to camp, it came on to rain quite heavily, though passed quickly. Back at the camp, it seemed that they had not had any rain at all.
We have new neighbours. Two (or three?) Families with kids have appeared, so the peace has been shattered to a degree. We had a brief shower of rain a few minutes ago, but the sun is out again now. I lit the stove when we got back as it was very dull and going chilly. It is now almost too warm in the tipi, though I am sure we will be glad of it later. I was quite cold during the night, and it would be nice to avoid that tonight.....
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