Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Tuesday evening

After the route march down to the car (which being downhill was quite pleasant, though fills you with dread for the return journey later on), we headed to Cardigan town.
It is a very pleasant town, with few of the usual high street multiples and plenty of varied independant shops, though like most towns these days, its fair share of empty units.
We had a good wonder around, and ended up chatting to a local who gave us tips on what was worth seeing. His wife originally came from Nuneaton - its a small world!
Before we left Cardigan, we did buy some fire lighters just in case we feel like battling with the stove again later.
Next up was Aberporth, which turns out to be so small, that if you blink you will miss it. We turned around and finally managed to work out where it was and found a car park. Immediately, we were concerned - the parking was FREE!!! Always a bad sign in our experience. However, we were to be proven wrong, and while it has nothing much there, the cliff top walk was spectacular. The superb weather helped this no end, but I doubt one would ever get tired of that view. Having looked in a few estate agents in Cardigan, even we might be able to aspire to something in the area!
The highlight of the walk for me was seeing a converted railway carriage being used as a home over looking the sea. I want one.
We discovered a number of things today. They haven't got many fish and chip shops despite being at the seaside. Has no one told them that this is what the tourists expect? They haven't quite got the hang of car park charges. Either they were free, or so rediculously cheap (60p for the whole day) that you felt as though you were robbing them by parking there. Let's just hope that the local council never pay a trip to Dorset where you have to take out a second mortgage to park for longer than an hour!
Thirdly, they seem to go in for very colourful houses around here. When you see a row of homes, they are mostly painted in different pastel colours. It all looks very pretty. The houses are also generally all well looked after. Nice.
After blinking and missing New Quay on our search for fish and chips, we ended up at Aberaeron (excuse the spelling). What a lovely town. Again it had lots of pastel painted houses, but most importantly, it had a fish and chip shop, and it was open! It proudly proclaimed to sell "probably the best fish and chips you have ever tasted", and you know what, they may just well have been. Cooked to order, they were hot and fresh, and eating them on the quayside was an absolute joy.
We also noticed that there are a lot of new building developments going on in the area. Perhaps the farmers have decided to give up, and this is why there are lots of new homes going up. It is not an expensive area to buy in, so maybe they are hoping to attract new blood to the area?
We did spot one house for sale in Aberporth that we rather liked, and when we saw the name of the house it seemed as though fate was involved somewhere:- "Craig y Mor". (For those of you who don't know, Craig is the name of Sally's brother)
Back at the camp, the sun was still shining and it was lovely and warm. We are now sitting on the decking as the sun begins to go down. We have really enjoyed our day today - the good weather was a little unexpected. Fingers crossed for more of the same tomorrow.....

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