Thursday, 11 June 2009

Thursday early

Yeah! We won the battle with the stove last night, and got it to stay alight all evening, which was very welcome as it went rather chilly as the evening wore on. We listened to the England game on the radio, which was entertaining, as the medium wave reception here is dreadful.
It got very misty as it got dark, dashing my hopes of a bit of star gazing if I had to get up in the night, and the mist is still lingering a little this morning, though the sun is beginning to break through.
I was fairly cold in the night, though having a sleeping bag with a hood and drawstring proved very useful as I was able to turn it into the camping version of a yashmak! The reindeer skins are also very good at keeping whatever part of you they are covering warm. If only they were bigger. (Or I was smaller!)
The bird song seems to begin at 4:20 every morning, which is lovely though a shade early for my liking. Thank goodness I have inherited my dad's ability to sleep at the drop of a hat.
It's just before 8am now, having a mug of tea in bed before heading to the lodge for my muesli and granola. The plan today is to head for the coast on the South side of Cardigan and see what that is like.
The mist has lifted some more now, and the view through the door of the tipi is pretty stunning. I like it here!
Thanks to those who have emailed us to say that you are reading the blog. It's good to know that the messages are making it through.....

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