Friday, 19 June 2009

Friday 19th June

One thing puzzles me. How come with all the modern technological advances (mobile phones, the internet, satellites, velcro and faking putting a man on the moon) they have never been able to perfect the easy to use zip on sleeping bags?
I can remember as a child, in the days when sleeping bags were all nylon (yuk) and only rolled up into the size of a child, fighting with the zips. They seemed to work fine with you on the outside, but as soon as you got into it, they would be forever sticking and snagging as you tried to do them up, making getting snug and comfy almost impossible.
Now, of course, modern materials mean that these days sleeping bags can pack away into a matchbox, weigh virtually nothing, keep you warm in cold weather, and somehow cool in hot weather. The zips are still a nightmare to use though! You would think that someone somewhere could solve this.
You can probably guess from this, that last night I had to fight with the zip on my bag more than once, and found it very difficult to get comfortable again once I had returned from my visits down the field. Perhaps it was because I was thinking about how our holiday was coming to an end? We have talked at length about what we have enjoyed during the last couple of weeks. I think we both agree that the second week was the better of the two. I have enjoyed the yurt more than the tipi, though have missed the wood burning stove, even though I never really got to grips with keeping it alight.
The toilet blocks at both sites have left a little to be desired, the fact that they are mixed has been a bit strange, but of the two, I probably prefer the second one, if only because it felt like a proper building rather than a hastily nailed together contraption. The breakfasts at Fforest were quite nice, though having screaming kids running around you at that time of the day was a bit off-putting. We met some nice people at Fforest, but also some really ignorant ones too. One family in particular stand out in our memory, the wife being particularly rude and ignorant.
Here at Pencwnc, again we have met quite a few people, and I think without exception, they have all been really nice and friendly - much more like the folk you usually meet when camping.
The views and scenery have also been better I feel here. Fforest did have spectacular vistas, but it really can't be compared to this part of Pembrookshire (or Sir Benfro as we prefer to call it around here!!)
Today, despite it not being as sunny or warm as we had hoped, we went to Broad Haven again. We sat on the beach for a while, but it was quite chilly, so we went to the cafe that had been closed on Tuesday when we originally went there. Here we had lunch, which was probably the best of all the meals out we have had here - very surprising. We wondered around the few shops that are there, treating ourselves to a few mementos of our stay. The sun had come out a bit more now, so we went back to the beach and watched the kite surfers in action. We even went for a brief paddle in the sea, avoiding the odd jellyfish type things on the waters edge.
We are now back at basecamp, having got the majority of our things back in the car to help speed things up tomorrow morning. Dinner was big hearty soup, which has become a firm favourite for me. The evening has turned chilly though the sun is still shining.
We now get ready for bed and try to enjoy the last few hours of our idylic and tranquil break. The view out of the door which greats us each morning will take some beating, and is something we will both miss tremendously.

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