Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Tuesday morning

Well, I had a good nights sleep, even if Sally didn't! I had decided to sleep on the giant bean bag rather than the very thin futon matresses that they provide. It seems as though I made the right choice, although I can sleep anywhere at any time, so maybe if we swap tonight I will still be fine?
We are eating breakfast at the lodge - locally sourced produce, all very healthy, and surprisingly nice. Mind you, I would love to know how the bananas are local!!!
The shower/toilet block is interesting - all wooden, no heating and more than a little draughty. The toilet cubicles are also VERY narrow, and being of wooden plank walls, you have to watch out for splinters!
The shower cubicles are basically wet rooms, but work very well, and the water is lovely and hot. It seems that there is just the one block for the whole site. (4 toilets and 4 showers) thankfully the site is only small, far from full at the moment, and the block is only about 70 yards from our tipi. If we had chosen to stay in one of the normal tents, it would have been about a 5 minute walk up a steep slope - not what you want in the middle of the night if you wake up desperate!!!
We tried for about an hour to light the woodburning stove last night - at one point we couldn't even get paper to ignite, let alone the wood! We used half a box of matches, half of my magazine and a lot of patience before giving up. Main task for today - buy fire lighters!!!

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