Sunday, 21 June 2009

Back home

The sun was shining as we packed away the last of our things. We said farewell to Flo and Ron, the owners of Pencwnc Farm, gave the yurt a last fond look and headed off down the lanes inland.
Fairly quickly the weather turned dull and looked to be threatening rain. We took a slightly different route home, this time going around the south side of the Black Mountains and Brecon. The roads were mostly dual carriageways this time and we made reasonably fast progress, but it still took four and three quarter hours to get home. We did have a brief stop at Raglan Castle to eat our sandwiches. The rain finally did come during the journey, not for too long though, and the heavy showers soon passed.
Back home, we had to fight our way through all the junk mail and free newspapers before we could get the front door open enough to get inside. The first thing we did was have a lovely cup of tea, and rediscover how to use the stairs!
It's strange how unpacking the car seems so much quicker than packing it isn't it, and it wasn't long before some form of normality was arrived at. The washing machine was put on, the camping gear put away in the garage, the sleeping bags aired. It is almost as though the holiday didn't actually happen.
That is until we sat in front of the computer and had a look at the photos. The two evenings watching the sunset have resulted in a huge amount of photos, and it will take a while to go through them and select the best. Once I have edited them into the highlights I will put them onto my Flickr page and let you all know.
One thing that did make us smile, and I had meant to put on here but had forgotten, was the photo of the information board that I had taken at the resevoir we went to on the first Wednesday. You will see from the information that the resevoir is very large, but only holds 10,500ml of water. Now, I'm no mathematical genius, but I make that to be ten and a half litres of water, or five and a bit pop bottles! I can only imagine that it's not as deep as it looked then!!!!
Although the holiday is over, I have to confess that I have quite enjoyed doing this blog - more than you have enjoyed reading it probably - and plan to carry on with it, though not on a daily basis. I would really like to write for a living, and maybe this is a good way to make a start towards that dream?
Thanks for reading, and all your comments and emails while we were away, they were very much appreciated.
Cheers for now. Mike.
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