Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Holiday info

Well, it really IS getting close now - only two more days at work before we "jet off" to Suffolk!

The first week we are staying in a small house in Aldeburgh on the Suffolk coast. The house is called "Thirty-nine Steps" - supposedly as it is only that number of steps from the beach.

We have never been to Suffolk before, and are looking forward to having the opportunity to investigate Constable Country for ourselves.

You can check the house out for yourself at:-

The second week we are staying in a "luxury holiday home" (a large static caravan to you and me!). This is at the Kelling Heath site where we camped three years ago when we first went to Norfolk. This is near Holt, in a lovely setting full of wildlife and beautiful scenery. Sherringham is close by and Cromer is the nearest "big" town. We love it around there, and are so looking forward to getting back there.

The webpage with the details is:-

The plan is to blog as usual, and hopefully put photos on too. It does depend on the "3" signal where we will be - their coverage map shows that the signal in Aldeburgh is not great, so it may be that we won't get a good enough signal while we are in the house - it remains to be seen. The info on the house says that it has wifi available, so maybe that will work for us?

Whatever happens, i will do my best to keep you all up to date with what we are up to.......

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