Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Fond memories proven correct

The rain finally stopped at some point during the night, and we awoke to a clear day, mostly sunny with a bit of cloud. We decided to head off to Cromer today for a look around. It turns out that Sally can't remember much about it, but my fond memories were proven correct, most of the town was exactly as I recalled it, with a few shops having changed hands, but the majority of it being just as i picture it when I close my eyes.

There was a moment of disappointment when we discovered that our favourite Italian restaurant had changed to an English one, but we will get over it. I was surprised to find the tobacconists open - the last time we were here it was always closed, which was a bit of a shame as that as the year I broke my pipe on the first day here. This year, despite it being open, I had no use for the place! It was good to see that at least one traditional shop has managed to keep trading.

It was a shame to discover that the camera and telescope shop has found it necessary to reinvent itself and has changed to mostly selling mobile phones. It is inevitable I suppose, but it does seem such a shame the way the high street has changed beyond all recognition over the last few years.

We had fish & chips from the same one we used 3 years ago, and ate them on the seafront at the same spot we used before too. Then we went into the same amusement arcade, and Sally won some key rings just like she had before! Spooky. It seems as though Cromer likes us just as much as we like it.

It felt wonderfully familiar to be walking along the little side streets near the sea front, truly like being at home. This is definitely my favourite place. Apparently I had a silly grin on my face as I gazed upon the pier and seafront. It is a view that I can conjure up anytime I want when I close my eyes. I love it here! (just in case you hadn't worked that out yet!)

A lovely pot of tea and Norfolk shortbread when we got back to the van was much appreciated. A series of texts and phone calls from back home brought a modicum of reality back to proceedings, but I am going to do my utmost to ignore work while I am here. There is nothing I can do about it here.

The evening seemed to fly past, dinner was a soft boiled egg and soldiers - not had that for so many years! There was nothing on TV that tickled our fancy, so we watched a couple of episodes of Dexter on DVD instead.

It is midnight now, and just having gone to bed it occurred to me that I had neglected the blog today, so here I am with this update. Just hope that I can get a connection to send it!

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