Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Even Santa needs a break.....

It is the end of a long day, I'm tired and don't have much literary creativity about me at the moment, so I will make this brief.

The weather was pretty kind to us today, sunshine with a few cloudy moments, warm but with a nice breeze. Without the breeze it would probably have been too hot to be honest. We did end up going to Lowestoft today, around 30 miles up the coast from where we are. Strangely for this area it was well signposted, and we had no problem finding a carpark in a sensible spot right on the seafront.

The whole aura of the town is remarkably similar to Great Yarmouth, which I suppose is not that surprising as they are so close together. The beach was pristine, beautiful clean sand, and the promenade was litter free. The public conveniences were 10p to go in, but they were so clean and graffiti free that you actually felt that this was a bargain.

We wondered along the front for a while before heading into the town centre, which was not a particularly pleasant experience, much like that of Yarmouth. The town has a lot of empty and very run down shops, as well as the usual suspects that you can find in any town centre, but there are also more than the average number of Cash Converter, Money Lending shops and such like as well as the Bright House type shops where they ask no questions as long as you come in and pay you five quid a week for goods on the never never at horrendous interest rates.

Needless to say, we didn't spend too long there before making our way back to the seafront to find lunch. While doing this we spotted a very unusual sight - a photo shoot involving a man dressed as Santa on the beach! We settled on a fish and chip establishment calling itself Aphrodite, and claiming to have a five star rating. It was superb, among the best fish and chips we have had, and it was spotlessly clean, everything was cooked to order, and I can only recommend it. Full marks to them!

On the way back we stopped off at a small craft centre at a farm, which was only small and had nothing much of interest, but at least it made a change. We also made a very quick pit stop at the CoOp for a few supplies before getting back home.

We went for a walk along the front again this evening. It was such a lovely evening and the weather forecast is not great for the next few days, so we made the most of it, and I took some photos.

Not a lot else to say about today really. It was a good day, and we enjoyed it!

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