Sunday, 29 May 2011

Nearly holiday time.....

In less than a week, we are going on holiday, and this morning was spent sorting out clothes – putting a lot out for charity, and deciding what will be taken with us – we have vowed to travel lighter than usual clothes wise as we never seem to use even half of what we take, but it does partly depend on the weather of course as to what we will need.
The house we are staying at for the first week has a washer-dryer, so we should be able to get ourselves fully sorted for the second week anyway. The camp site does have a laundry room too, so even during the second week we wont be totally without facilities.
I have bought a small DAB radio to take with us – we usually take a Roberts R861 with us – never use the shortwave side of it, just the FM band, and hardly ever tune it away from Radio 4 if i’m honest, but now that we have Radio 4 Extra on DAB, the thought of being without that for two weeks is hardly bearable! So, i think the Pure “Move” DAB radio will be a very much appreciated item in the bag of goodies to take.

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