Saturday, 11 June 2011

Second week

We awoke this morning to the sound of rain. Quite heavy rain in fact. Thank goodness we didn't have a tent to take down and pack away like in the old days!

We have got most of the packing done the night before, so there wasnt too much left to do, so we were able to take our time and relax instead of rushing around. I even had time to make a little video of the cottage.

By the time we left, it had stopped raining, but the huge puddles in the roads showed just how much it had rained during the night.

As we headed north, you could see that they had had virtually no rain at all. As we had to make the journey last five hours, we took a scenic route towards Norwich, and made our way to an out of town retail park where we knew there was a branch of "The Range". It was a massive store and we managed to spend quite a lot of time there. We also had a look around another shop there and then went into Sainsburys for a spot of lunch.

Another slightly scenic across country route brought us to kelling Heath and we got here around 3:15pm. After we had booked in and found our way to the caravan, I held my breath as Sally had her first look inside a static caravan.

Thankfully, she was suitably impressed. After all, they even have double glazing and central heating now, not like when I had caravan holidays as a kid!

The van looks brand new, is pristine, comfy and nicely set out. It is in the woods a bit, and we even had a squirrel come inside to visit us at one point! He was cheeky enough to have to be chased off. He didn't seem afraid of us one bit.

Once we had unpacked the car, we went to Cromer and did some food shopping. Back at the van we had a lovely pot of tea. We also discovered that our phones now had a signal, but that the Internet on the iPad was not great and didn't work very well. Hence I am typing this on the iPhone.

We had a wonder around the site, remembering how things had been three years ago when we were here before. Some things have changed, but by and large things are just how they used to be. It is very busy though at the moment. Much much more so than when we were camping here.

I had soup for dinner, Sally made do with some bread and jam. We settled down to watch a DVD after we had eaten, only to discover that the DVD player built into the telly doesn't read home burnt discs. Seeing as most of the discs we have with us are things that we have videod off the telly, that is a bit of a bummer! We ended up watching an episode of Dexter.

Bedtime, and it was a bit chilly, so I worked out how to get the central heating on for a while to warm the place up, which it did very quickly.

Time for sleep now. Lots of options available to us tomorrow and the weather could help us decide what to do......

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Location:Kelling Heath, Norfolk

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