Thursday, 16 June 2011

Wet, wet, wet

We tried something different last night, bedroom wise. Oooo, errr, you are thinking, do I need to know this? It's ok though, I'm only talking about which room we used.

Having decided that the double bed really isn't that comfy, and not quite big enough for us (!), we tried the other room with the two single beds. This meant that we wouldn't be fighting over the duvet and bumping into one another. I have the advantage of being able to sleep anywhere, so it was no big deal to me.

I slept fine thanks very much, but Sally had a bit of a fight with her bed, managed to unmake it with all her fidgeting, and ended up going back into the double bed during the night. I was blissfully unaware of all of this until I woke up, wondered where she was and saw the devastation of her bedding.

The day started quite brightly, but did dull off as the morning progressed. Today we decided to go to Mundesley, which is little more than a village, but being right on the seafront has a couple of cafes and gift shops. The last time we came here, we discovered the Beach Cafe on our last day, and had probably the best cream tea of our holiday there. I had my fingers crossed that it not only was still there, but would come up to our expectations.

I'm glad to report that it is still there, and although it wasn't quite as good a cream tea as last time, it was still pretty darn good. The view from the windows is right out over the beach and sea. There was a lone swimmer ploughing back and forth across the view a few yards out to sea. I can only assume that he was in training for a triathlon or something.

After this pitstop, we had a wander along the beach for a while, but it was trying to rain a little, so we got back into the car and headed back to Cromer.

We found a space to park on the seafront, and made our way to the pier via the amusement arcade. Sally was less successful there today, and won me no prizes.

The pier has little on it apart from the theatre, but at the far end is the RNLI lifeboat station. This was closed to the public last time, but was open today, so we took advantage of the opportunity to look around. There is a viewing gallery above the boat, and lots of information and videos to watch. The boat is much bigger than we expected it to be, you don't get the chance to see many boats out of the water up that close, and it was quite a shock to see just how big it is.

The videos showed how they launch it and then retrieve it back up the slope afterwards, and the whole experience was really interesting. When you consider that these people are all volunteers, it is quite amazing, and one can only salute their bravery and dedication.

When we came out of the station, we discovered that it was raining quite hard. We had elected to leave our coats in the car when we arrived in Comer as it had brightened up no end. What a mistake that proved to be!

We sheltered on the pier for a while, but decided that it wasn't going to improve any, and seeing as how skin is waterproof, just went for it and walked back to the car.

It wasn't too bad, and while damp, we weren't soaked, and the rain had also washed some of the bird poo off the car, so alls well that ends well.

Back at the van, we chose to go swimming. Well, while we were still a bit wet, we might as well stay wet! There weren't many in the pool today, though there were a few parents and toddlers again. Grrr. Once they had got cold and cleared off, we had it to ourselves. Sally did 30 lengths, and I did 26, which when you consider that this pool is probably 25% longer than the one we are used to, is pretty good. My technique is definitely coming along nicely.

Once back in the van, a lovely pot of tea was followed by a dinner of fishcakes and beans. Tomorrow is our last full day here, and we have got our plans set out already, although they are somewhat dependent on the weather and what time we get up in the morning.

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