Sunday, 5 June 2011

First night nerves

I always say that no bed is as comfortable as your own, but I think I may have to alter this. The bed here is just as comfy as our own, and may actually be even better. The pillows are definitely better than our own, and we have have to smuggle them out when we leave!

So, instead of a first night trying to make the best of an unfamiliar bed, we both had a really good nights sleep, and feel well rested, nicely relaxed and looking forward to our first full day in Suffolk.

A mug of tea in bed, a quick check of the weather forecast online (am very impressed with the BT broadband here - have been considering it at home, so it is good to see how fast it is), radio 4 in the background keeping us up to date with the world - life seems very good at this moment!

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