Sunday, 5 June 2011

It can be done in 39 steps...

The initial idea was to go to the local car boot sale, but a slight wrong turning meant we missed the school field where this was taking place and ended up instead driving along the coast road to Thorpeness. The dome of the nuclear power station grew ever larger as we got closer, but I tried my best not to worry. After all, at this range, if anything happened, we would be goners whether we were there or in Aldeburgh!

Also on the skyline was the "House in the Clouds", which is a converted water tower that is now a spectacular and unusual holiday let.

We followed the road inland a bit and ended up going in a bit of a circular route to Snape Maltings. I had been told about this by a customer. It turns out to be an old mill type place that has been converted into shops and galleries. I have to confess that I was a little disappointed with it - I had imagined it to be an outlet village type place, but it seemed to be just one huge shop split up into different departments. It was pleasant enough though, and we did see plenty of kitchen gadgets that we never knew we needed, and thankfully couldn't afford.

We had a pot of tea and a cake each in their teashop. The coffee cake was very tasty though rather dry, but the marzipan fruit cake was absolutely delicious and a recipe is already being sought online. You could really taste the rum in it.....phew!

A brief trip down the road to Orford followed, with a view to going back later in the week to investigate Orford Ness.

There are some stunning properties around here, some huge houses in large grounds, and others that are just cute little cottages or unusual modern designs. The prices of them are scary though. A three bedroom flat just along from where we are staying is on the Market for £550,000. A four bedroom house directly opposite us has just sold for £695,000. Mental!

A brief snooze this afternoon was followed by us cooking dinner of spaghetti with quorn sausages chopped into a tomato and chilli sauce. It was delicious but rather potent, leaving your Tongue tingling rather. We then put the dishwasher on and went for a short walk along the front again. Oh to be able to do that every evening - sheer joy.

We very deliberately counted the number of steps to the beach, and I did manage it in exactly 39 by walking like some kind of freaky monster or robot. It can be done, but would be much easier with longer legs. I reckon that Stuart could do it in about 25 steps.

The wind has dropped a little, and it is still comfortably warm even through the wind. It was very odd walking out this evening. We hardly saw a soul. It was almost as though the town was deserted. There are a lot fewer cars parked, and you do get the feeling that it is very much a weekend bolt hole for a lot of people. It was quite earie walking along the deserted streets, you felt that everyone was hiding from you and watching from behind twitching curtains.

While a lot of properties in this part of the town are well kept or are being renovated, there are also a lot that appear to be very run down and in need of some TLC. Mind you, at the prices they are asking for the ones for sale, you would have to have rather a lot of spare cash available to give them the love they deserve and crave.

Back indoors now, Sally is busy crafting as I write this, and we await 9 o'clock for the tv program we watch. There was a bottle of wine waiting for us when we arrived, and we opened it this evening to go with our meal. I have slightly reluctantly partaken, am drinking my glass slowly, and have yet to fall over, so far so good. Will I be able to manage the stairs at bedtime? I will get back to you on that one.

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