Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Stephen Fry was here

Another beautifully sunny morning turned into probably the best day of the whole holiday so far. Very warm, very sunny, hardly any breeze - simply smashing.

I drove us to Wells-next-the-Sea, which is where quite a lot of the tv series Kingdom was filmed. We went there on our last visit too, and were a little disappointed in the lack of shops, but this time, there actually seemed to be a few more open, and perhaps because we knew what to expect, we actually really enjoyed it this time. Sally was especially pleased when we found some bargain craft stuff in one of the shops. She is having a play with them as I type this!

We had lunch at one of the many cafes in the main street - just a roll and a drink, but the rolls were absolutely lovely. We caught the little train from the car park into town, and also on the way back. It is a very cute narrow gauge railway, and turns a 25 minute walk into a 5 minute train journey.

The last time we were there, we spent a couple of hours on the beach, but this time we didn't have time for lazing around! Next up on the grand tour was Little Walsingham. I knew very little about this village other than it has a lot of religious connections, including a famous shrine.

It turned out to have a lot of old Buildings, and abbey and sweet little cottages, tea shops and stores selling various religious trinkets. We had a cream tea in one of the teashops, and it was very tasty. While we were there, two ladies came in, and the older of them managed to trip over and fall flat on her face. She was shaken but unhurt thankfully, and once she had got herself together myself and another male customer helped her up. It all happens in Norfolk doesn't it?!

We needed to do a little bit of food shopping before getting back to the van, and made our way to Fakenham. I was sure that we had found a supermarket on the outskirts before, but we failed this time, and a drive through the town centre only showed a Tesco - we would rather go hungry than line their pockets anymore than we have to, so ended up going to Cromer instead to the CoOp.

Back at the van, we put the shopping away, gathered our swimming gear together and went to the pool for a swim. The hot tub was LOVELY! Very warm, and very relaxing. The pool itself is a bit longer than we one we are used to, and I was very pleased that I was able to swim lengths of it without a problem.

Dinner tonight was bacon, mushrooms, beans and toast, and was very yummy indeed. Maybe after all that exercise anything would have been, but this combination was very enjoyable.

I think we will sleep well tonight. Tomorrow looks as though it may well be the last good day weather wise, so I am currently thinking about our plans, trying to decide on our best bet. I have a few ideas. I will let you know what we get up to......

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