Sunday, 8 July 2007

Cornwall 2007 - Sunday 8th July 2007

Had to get up at 2am for the loo. It was very cold outside and some people were still up and making a noise - hooligans!

Another lovely sunny day – looks as though we’re in for another good one.

I was very tired this morning and was rather reluctant to get up. A superb mug of tea got me kick-started and I then headed down to the shower block. For the first time, we weren’t able to get one of the “private washrooms”, and had to use the separate ladies and gents facilities. It actually turned out to be quite good though as the shower cubicles are actually very spacious and the floor in then stays more dry while you are getting dressed rather than the entire floor being wet like in the other rooms we have been using. The down side is that you can’t clean your teeth while drying yourself. Oh, and I also managed to bodge the shower knob with my elbow while I was drying myself and got soaked again! What a plonker.

Had a nice chat with some of the other campers. One was in the laundry block, and was telling  us about some other campsites worth trying out. The other was with the couple on the next pitch to us. It turns out that they know Chagford quite well, and they go “letterboxing” in the area, which is an activity you can do while on a ramble. We may have to give it a go when we go there next week. (check out these web sites for more info:-

We walked into St Ives again. We hadn’t been there for long when it started raining, but not for long though thankfully. We had a good wonder around the town again, this time searching out parts we hadn’t seen before. I did kick myself a bit for not taking the camera with me though, as we saw some lovely quaint old fishing cottages down some of the narrow streets – this is more how I had imagined it to be.

Went to the coast watch building on the high point overlooking the town. The view was very good and gave more of an idea of the intricate layout of the town with all its little hidey-hole streets.

Got the bus back to the campsite again, which was full again and very cramped. We seem to pick the worst time to come back. We checked the pedometer, and had done nearly 10,200 steps.

Have got the kettle on for a mug of tea. It’s taken an age to boil, partly due to the breeze, and partly due to the gas canister being almost empty. It has become a bit cloudy but the sun is still trying its best to peek through, and the view down to the sea is clear.

Here we are, half way through the holiday and it seems like forever since we were at work. It has also flown by quickly though if that makes sense!

The tent totally feels like home after only a few days. It makes you realise that so much of what we have at home is totally pointless, and that we could live far more simple lives. I don’t miss the TV at all really, but do miss the computer a bit. I would need that for my photos if nothing else.

I seem to recall feeling this way each year when we go camping. Our “normal” life seems to have too much in it, but amazingly, it only takes a few days to get back into the swing of it when we return to “our real world”.

I wonder if I could take to a simpler life? I try to imagine life, say, here in St Ives (or wherever really), living in a tiny cottage type home, maybe running a small shop down one of the cobbled streets. I’d like to think that I could take to it well, but of course we will never know unless we do it, and that is the hard/scary part – the actually getting off your backside and doing it bit.

What would I sell? I suppose the obvious thing is jewellery. It’s what I know best after all. Despite my protestations that I wouldn’t want to stay in the trade, if I was my own boss I couldn’t really fall out or disagree with myself could I?

If I stuck to my idea of selling fairly inexpensive silver jewellery I would have a fair bit of competition here, but none of them seem to be keeping it simple, all going for unique designer type pieces. If I went with Hot Diamonds, Kit Heath and Gecko type stuff, but in nice wooden boxes, I think I could be on to something. Keep the prices sensible, but the presentation spot on. That’s the way to go I think.

If we also had some of Sally’s cards too, maybe, just maybe, we would be sorted.

The afternoon was partly spent outside until it got chilly and we retreated inside. I put Radio 4 on and promptly fell asleep!

Dinner was tuna and salad followed by strawberries and yoghurt. All very pleasant and also fairly healthy.

The evening went very chilly so we did the only thing we know and headed for the sleeping bags and got warm that way while reading and listening to the radio. There was one very heavy shower, but it didn’t last long.

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