Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Cornwall 2007 - Tuesday 3rd July 2007

Woke up to glorious sunshine!! Decided to get up straight away and get the car sorted. Got it all packed up a lot easier than we expected to and had time to spare before we set out. As we left home at 9:22am, it started to rain.....

It was an uneventful journey, though we had plenty of showers on the way, some of which were VERY heavy. We stopped off for a bite to eat at a service station just before Exeter. Discovered that Cornwall is a LONG way - it took 5 hours to get to St Ives in the end - you can imagine how bored i was by the time we got there.

We found the camp site OK, and put the tent up in drizzle and a force 8 gale, which made it all rather entertaining. Discovered that the tent is rubbish at keeping out draughts, and that the new windbreak is totally useless. When they say it is a "windbreak", they actually mean that it breaks in the wind. Very disappointed with it, and will be writing to the BBC to complain when we get back home.

The campsite itself is very nice and our view is lovely - we can see the sea! The down side is that with it being so high and exposed, it is very windy. We had a meal of cheese and salad cobs before having a walk around the site and checking out the bar, where we had a quick drink, before heading back to the wind tunnel, sorry, tent for a lie down, a hot drink and a Danish pastry.

We are having to cook inside due to the high winds and the lousy windbreak. It's a bit chilly but i think we will survive. Teddy Edward was car sick all the way here, and now has wind.........as does the cap site.

Hoping to walk into St Ives tomorrow, assuming we don't get blown away during the night. Not expecting a good nights sleep, but you never know. It's very noisy with the tent flapping around - did i mention the wind??

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