Friday, 13 July 2007

Cornwall 2007 - Friday 13th July 2007

Both slept till about 9am! Mudkip did too, and he still seemed a bit zonked out. Had a leisurely breakfast. The weather is not so good today - very cloudy and trying to rain. The forecast isn't great to be honest, but we have to make the best of it, as our holiday is nearly over.

We finally got out for a walk at 11am. Took Mudkip on the adder common route march. It was drizzling quite hard, but he seemed very keen to get out and was very perky.

Met a few other doggies, but he was his usual well behaved self, taking very little notice of them, except for the spaniels, and he think he was more jealous of their frisbee than anything else.

Went to the flea market at the village hall at the end of the walk. We didn't find any fleas at the market, but Mudkip did find some loaves of bread hidden under a table. I think i managed to drag him away before he was naughty, but i can't be 100% sure.

He was very patient in town while Sally got us some things for lunch and dinner. He just sat or lay down quite happily while he was waiting. We dropped the shopping back at the house before walking to the Book Box at "Proper Job". It is Craig's little mauve hut that he has sorted out into a viable second hand book shop. I didn't find anything that i couldn't live without, but then, on the way out of the facility, i spotted a book that i was after sitting on top of a cardboard box. No one seemed sure if it was for sale, or how much to ask for it, but they still sold it to me anyway! The man asked for 50p, but i gave him a quid for it - some poor sod will probably sit down with their lunch to read it and find it gone!!

It was still raining as we got into the evening. Had the obligatory Friday jacket spuds for dinner before braving the elements to take Muddy for his walk. Didn't venture too far as it was heavy drizzle, so took him around the lanes by the church, doing a walk that i remembered Rachel taking us on a few years ago, except in reverse. He did his business, which was good, and we gladly headed back to the house.

Ashamed, yet again, to admit that the TV went straight on, and even more shamed that it was the Big Brother eviction that we watched!!

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