Thursday, 5 July 2007

Cornwall 2007 - Thursday 5th July 2007

Had a good nights sleep, only woke up twice, once just before midnight and again around 3am. I really miss the projection clock while we are away from home! We both thought something was very wrong. It was too quiet. Had the tent blown away or been stolen? No - it had just stopped being so damned windy!!!

When i finally woke up properly it still seemed to be eerily quiet and was also fairly sunny. This wasn't to last though as the pitter-patter of rain started soon after. The gentle pitter-patter quickly turned into a herd of elephants on the roof as the rain got heavier. Rain always sounds worse in a tent as the taut material acts like a drum, but this was deafening. If it's not the wind making a noise, it's the rain - really can't win.

Sally went for her shower first, and i discovered that if i buried my head deep into my sleeping bag and put my fingers in my ears, the noise was just about bearable. When i finally went for my shower, it was so lovely and warm under the hot water that i didn't want to get out of it. Afterwards, looking a bit prune like, i went to reception to try to get onto the internet. What a joke, it was so sloooooooow that i couldn't even check my emails yet alone check out the weather forecast and Ebay.

Decided to go to Redruth, but when we got there, it was tiny, and the rain was throwing it down, which meant that it really wasn't worth the effort of parking to get soaked to see nothing much, so instead we headed on to Falmouth. Once there, we took the park & ride into town. There was an option to use the "park & float", but we took the bus.  It had pretty much stopped raining by now, and was beginning to look a little more promising.

The bus got stuck in a traffic jam as we got closer to the town centre. Looking around out of the window, i spotted a little courtyard with The Cinnamon Girl Cafe in it, so we got off the bus and ventured into the cafe. We had spotted this on the net before the holiday, while Sally was looking at shops and cafes for sale in the area, and so had wanted to check it out anyway.

It was very small, but nice and friendly with a lovely atmosphere and good character - we like it!. The owner was very pleasant and chatty, and gave us tips on places that are worth checking out while in the area. We didn't let on that we knew it was for sale, as there were other customers in at the time. We both had a soya cappuccino and some home made cake - he didn't know what it was as his wife had made it, but it was nice.

Wondered around the town afterwards - Sally got some pyjama bottoms, i looked at Crocs, but couldn't get the dark blue ones i want in my size. It seems that the ones made in Italy are a different fit to the ones made in China. Of course, it could be like Tissot, and it's just the blue ones that are different?! (sorry - "in joke" that only Vicki will get!)

We found what John in the cafe had described as "The Harrods of Cornwall" - Trago. I had expected it to be an old fashioned department type store, but it turned out to be more like Moseley Trading or a gigantic pound type shop! We both bought some stuff there at bargain prices, so it wasn't too bad in the end.

For lunch, we had fish and chips in the rain on the harbour front. Nice, but not quite Bispham quality. Mind you, the drunken hobo belching at the other end of the shelter didn't help with the ambience much. He was swigging from a bottle of Lambrini would you believe. We then walked around the town a bit more before ending up at Costa for low fat Frescato's.

Despite my earlier thought that the weather might brighten up a bit, it kept on raining. Metcheck had predicted 0.20mm of rain for today i seem to remember. I think that they may have had the decimal point in the wrong place - move it two places to the left i think!

We took the "scenic" route back to the campsite via Helston and Penzance. It seems like there are a few good places to visit out that way if the weather improves. It was very misty on the way back, almost zero visibility at times. It must be awful here in the Winter. Maybe it doesn't get any worse than this though?

Back at base camp, it had stopped raining, but guess what? It was windy instead! Possibly more so than before. The tent had leaked a little - not too much - only where the electric plugs were! Teddy Edward was still in bed - the lazy devil. Some of the views from the site would be stunning if it was clearer. We also saw some excellent photo opportunities today - all we need is better light, less rain, or a waterproof camera.

Dinner tonight was soup and a cheese bap. Never let it be said that we don't push the boat out while on holiday. I had Mediterranean tomato & chorizo, which we got from Tesco, and it was VERY nice - my compliments to the chef.

It is really windy again and we have tried to tie some of the zips shut on the tent flaps. Will be amazed if we are still in one piece come the morning. With every massive gust, i expect the material or the seams to give up the ghost. The walls are moving so much that i'm starting to feel seasick. I have had to turn the radio up almost full blast  just to hear it over the noise.

Have retired to bed again to keep warm.  Wonder what's on the telly? Have the Blaze announced anymore signings?

Keep being hit on the head by the wall of the tent and on the feet by the cable to the light. Took the light down in the end and did my best to ignore the wall. It's very draughty, very windy and very noisy. I am writing this in bed all wrapped up and fully clothed. I almost feel like Scott at the pole - this must be like a scene from his expedition. I'm just going outside - i may be some time.....

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