Sunday, 15 July 2007

Cornwall 2007 - Sunday 15th July 2007

Woke up about 8am. All quiet in the house - no sign of Muddy - he's soon forgotten us now his real family are back! Got up at 9am, got ready and packed the car up - had a cup of tea, and waited for them all to get up - finally just after 10am, they started to surface. Had some cereal while chatting to Craig about music.

Started out on our journey home at 11:30. It was raining, but not as much as it had been earlier. They definitely made the right decision to come home last night. It drizzled most of the way home. The M5 was busy around Bristol, but not too bad apart from that.

Stopped off at Asda to get some food in, and finally got home at 3:30pm. Had a drink, checked the emails, unloaded the car and started the long winded job of sorting everything out and putting it all back where it belongs.

I spent quite a long time on the Internet looking for info for Craig about keyboards and for me looking at cameras. When i finally got to bed i couldn't sleep, and ended up putting Ceefax on for a while. Rossi fell off on lap 5 of the Moto GP and Pedrosa won it.

I was still awake at 12:30 - i wasn't het up about work or anything - i just couldn't sleep!!

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