Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Cornwall 2007 - Wednesday 11th July 2007

Woke up after a really nice sleep with a bit of a headache. Fairly soon, the chaos that seems to be a part of life in this house started up again.

Poor Rachel was running around  like a mad thing trying to get things ready for their trip to Buddafield. The weather was great - sunny and warm - not at all what they had forecasted on the TV. We took Mudkip for his morning walk, this time over the common. Rachel had drawn me a sketch map as she really didn't have the time to come with us. I was a little worried, as there is a section  of the common noted for its adders apparantly!! We didn't see any i am glad to report, but then again at the speed i went through the place everything was just a blur anyway!!!

Got back to the house to find the same frenzy of activity from Rachel, and a little more urgency from Craig. No sign of Frankie though. We discovered that he was waiting with his friend at the side of his friends mums car, playing quite happily, oblivious of the bedlam of the preparation going on around them. We finally got them all jammed into the car and off they went at 12:30, running a little bit later than they would have liked.

We had a bite to eat now. It all seems very strange and VERY quiet with them not being around, and us left in charge of the dog. I'm sure that we will quickly get used to it, but i have to confess to being a little freaked out by it at first.

After lunch, we went into the village and had a look around the two hardware stores, Bowdens and Webbers. They are both like stepping back in time, and you could easily spend hours in them both looking in all the nooks and crannies at their vast stocks. Got Mudkip a new collar which he needed. Back at the house we had a lovely mug of tea and set to doing some of our washing.

I spent some of the afternoon investigating the "joys" of Sky TV. There are just too many channels. You surely can't enjoy anything as there is always the nagging feeling that there might be something better on one of the other channels.

I made us a pasta bake for dinner which was quite pleasant. I put the remains of last nights dinner in it too, and the flavour of the chilli just about managed to overtake the rest of the flavours i had put into it.

We too Mudkip for his evening walk by the river. Sally managed to fall over and hurt her ankle. Muddy was very well behaved and i even let him off his lead so that he could go for his usual swin in the river. I was so worried that he would not come back, but he was as good as gold.

Ashamed to admit that we watched TV for the rest of the evening. I especially enjoyed the episode of South Park that i watched......

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