Friday, 6 July 2007

Cornwall 2007 - Friday 6th July 2007

Well, we're still here! Yeah, sunshine!! Not quite as windy!!! A reasonable nights sleep, though not quite as good as the night before, but much better than the first one. Amazingly, the tent seems intact. The trick with the zips worked OK.

We did both sleep fully clothed - how very Polar of us. I am in bed with a lovely mug of tea and planning our day. Hopefully i will get to take some photos today - the camera stayed firmly in the bag yesterday.

Went out quite early (for us), and headed to The Lizard. This is more like it - sunny (still windy though), but the stunning view more than makes up for it. I could spend the whole day there and not get bored with that view. I took loads of photos - hopefully some of them will be good ones, and you never know, might even be good enough to sell. (back in the real world...)

Moved on to Kynance Cove a couple of miles further up the coast from The Lizard, where the view was even more stunning - you would NEVER get bored of a vista like that. I took even more photos - thank goodness for digital! This was the main place that John at the cafe yesterday had recommended to us - boy was he right.

We had our picnic lunch at the Cove while watching a body boarder try to smash himself into the rocks. He very nearly succeeded a few times. If he has a few more goes he might just manage it. What a strange hobby. I can see the point of surfing, but not lying on what amounts to a tea-tray while getting hit in the face by waves. Still, he would probably think that i'm weird, so that makes us equal.

Jagged, weather and sea beaten rocks surround the cove and lend a spectacular backdrop to the waves. There is a beach of sorts, though not what you could call sandy, just very rocky. There is a tearoom which seems to be doing good trade. There are plenty of people here for a tucked out of the way place.

The sound of waves crashing onto the rocks is strangely relaxing, reminding me of why i have come to love the coast. I defy anyone not to be touched by a place like this in some way or another.

On the way back towards Penzance, we drove through the village of Porthleven in the hope that it would be a Clovelley type fishing village, but sadly it wasn't to be. Maybe it was once, but any quaintness has long gone. We didn't stop, but carried on to Praa Sands, which WAS nice. A superb sandy beach which was just begging to be walked along, and who were we to not do so? We spent a couple of hours there, walked along the beach and back, paddled in the sea, sat in the sun and chilled out. This is what holidays are about!

So far, it's been the best day, both weather and enjoyment wise. All the places we have stopped at today have come up trumps. Of course, it wouldn't be a holiday if i didn't get sunburnt, and yes, i have a very red and sore head despite trying my best to cover it up. Maybe i should start wearing a Yaskmak!

We found a Tesco on the outskirts of St Ives and got our dinner from there. Spicy bean burgers and baps - yummy! We were going to try the Mexican restaurant out tonight, but changed our minds. The camp site is filling up and indeed they have put the "FULL" sign up at the junction by the pub. I bet it will be total chaos here tomorrow.

It is so much nicer here now that the wind has dropped a bit. As i have "nailed" all the doors shut, we can't open the tent up too much, but i doubt that we will regret it though. I'm not banking on the high winds staying away for too long.

Even though it has been sunny all day, the washing hasn't dried fully - work that one out. Cornish wind obviously isn't like the wind back home, and neither is the sunshine. My feet a nice and soft thanks to the walk along the beach, and still have some sand on them - must wash them before bedtime.....

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