Thursday, 4 March 2010


Well, would you believe it? It's that time again - time for a HOLIDAY!!!!!!

It seemed like a long way off when i booked it, but it has crept up on us, and we go away tomorrow for our first break of the year, and boy, do we need it.

Both of us have been pretty stressed out with work, Sally especially has been struggling with the pressure of work and ill health, so we are both really looking forward to getting away, if only for a week.

Finally, we get around to going to Northumberland. Beadnell to be exact. No, i didn't know where it was either! Not too far from Alnwick, right up near the Scottish border, close'ish to Lindisfarne Castle on Holy Island - somewhere that i am really looking forward to visiting.

Unfortunately, a lot of the National Trust places are not fully open yet, it being too early in the year, but we hope (weather permitting) to get around to visiting a few interesting places.

Yes, i have the cameras packed and ready. I also have a good book, my ipod, a radio, and most importantly, a warm coat!!

I will endeavor to keep you all updated with our escapades during our week away. Now, where did i put my Geordie phrasebook................

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