Tuesday, 29 September 2009


The news today has been filled with the tragic suicide of a mother and her daughter. Fiona Pilkington set her car on fire with herself and her mentally handicapped daughter inside - a horrific death for them to suffer, but in her eyes better than continuing to face the teenage thugs who were making their lives a misery back home.

The old adage is that an Englishman's home is his castle. That no longer appears to be the case in this country. While at home not only are you in danger of being inundated with junk mail, unwanted telephone calls, having you identity stolen, being scammed online and being burgled, you now have the possibility of being terrorised by your neighbours.

The sense of community has gone for the majority of people now. How many of your neighbours do you know by name? How many of them could you rely on to help you out if you had a problem? Compare this to even one generation ago and it may come as a shock.

The youths that were interviewed on the radio seem to feel no remorse and fail to see that they have done anything wrong. "There's nuffink to do except get pissed and take drugs" said one of them. "Then if we get a bit noisy people get pissed off and call the police. When they do that it's no wonder we get pissed off and have a go at them and do fings" he went on.

Nothing to do? Here we are in an age when kids have FAR more than even children of my generation had, and we didn't feel the need to run riot and make innocent peoples lives a misery! Why can't they play on the X-Box they pestered their parents for? Go on the internet, or, shock horror, READ A BOOK? They might even learn something, like how to speak properly to start with.

As a child, if I had a football to kick around I was happy. If I had mates to play football with, even better. If one of us had a few pence to buy a bottle of pop and crisps we felt like kings. What has happened to the world that has taken away such simple pleasures, such innocence?

The internet is frequently blamed, and yes, it does have a lot to answer for, but it cannot take the full force of the blame. Parents seem to have lost the ability to control their children, teachers and police are no longer allowed the freedom they used to have to instill discipline in the young.

My dad used to say to me "more wants more", and at the time I didn't get it. I do now - the more you have the more you want. Gone are they days that you only had what you NEEDED and could AFFORD. People are too easily bored with their latest gadgets and "must have" possessions.

What has happened to respect? People don't seem to respect one another like in days past. Working in retail I see this more than most.

What of these thugs that terrorise their neighbours then? If you "terrorise" people, by definition you are a "terrorist". Since 9-11 and 7-7 this government has targeted terrorists around the world, but isn't it about time a similar level of commitment was aimed at this other kind of home grown terrorist? These don't pick on people just because of their creed, religion or colour, but simply "just because".

Its time for this to be stopped. We simply don't need people of this type in the gene pool anymore. The majority of them won't amount to anything, won't bring anything useful to this country or the world in general. Enough is enough. We need to stand up to them, and they need to learn what is acceptable and what is not. The authorities need to have their hands untied, law and order needs to be restored to our fair isle before it is too late.
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