Monday, 8 March 2010

Day 3 in the Beadnell house

Just say the title to this blog in your best Geordie accent.......

A dull day - so much for the cold, frosty but clear weather forecast. After a breakfast of toast, we headed out towards Bamburgh in the vain hope that the sky might clear up. It didn't. So, we decided to move on and head inland to a couple of places we had been told about that might be worth a visit.

First up was Belford, which is a tiny town that looks as though it could be from The Last of The Summer Wine. We elected to not stop, but carried on through the narrow country lanes to Wooler. The journey there would have been spectacular if the weather had been clearer. The view as we climbed higher into the hills should have been awesome but the low cloud meant that we simply couldn't see very far.

When we arrived in Wooler, it again was a classic old town with small independant shops and a charm that makes you just want to look around. We found the free car park (always a worry - free parking can mean a disappointing place in our experience!) and headed into the town.

It appears that Mondays are an unpopular day with shopkeepers around here, and about half the town was shut. About a quarter of it was simply closed down for good, and the few remaining shops that were actually open were not exactly exciting. There was one "curio" shop which seemed to be full of old nic-nacks and ancient books, but with Barter Books in Alnwick to look forward to later in the week, i was reluctant to venture inside.

After a short stay, we moved on to Berwick Upon Tweed, which was some way, but we felt would be worth the effort. Once again, it seemed that a large part of the town was either closed for the day, or closed-down. It was also not particularly well sign posted, which meant it was "interesting" finding the car park.

We did find their branch of "Home Bargains", which is a lot bigger than Coventry's one, and it had some really great things at amazing prices. We treated ourselves to "sumfink nice" and got a few provisions. We then found a little cafe which surprisingly was empty even though it was lunch time. We liked the look of the place and had a hot chocolate each, while enjoying the jazz the owner was playing on his CD player. The chocolate was very nice - and so was the jazz.

The rest of Berwick was a bit of a let down to be honest, and apart from a quick run around Somerfield's we didn't stay for much longer.

The weather had still not brightened up, so we headed back to Bamburgh and then on through Seahouses back to Beadnell. We are hoping that the sun comes out over the next few days as Bamburgh Castle looks well worth a visit.

A very late lunch of soup & salad (not as wierd as it sounds - give it a try sometime!) was followed by a doze. I had a headache, and was pleased of the snooze, which made me feel much better.

After listening to "Just a Minute" on Radio 4 (mmmmm, Radio 4 - you know you're getting old when you love listening to that!!) we investigated some of the games on the bookcase in the corner of the living room.

Besides a good selection of books and DVDs, there are some games - mostly kids ones, but Kerplunk brought back memories of childhood for us both, and we just had to have a go. (The memories it brought back for me were of being grumbled at because it was such a noisy game!)

You know what? They have changed it since we were kids!!! It's nowhere nearly as well made as it used to be (why is that a surprise to me?), the tube is in 4 parts now, two actual tube sections and the bit with the holes in is made up of two saucer shaped sections that fit very badly together. It took about 20 minutes to get the darn thing assembled! After two games where most of the time was spent trying to get it to stay in one piece we gave up, and instead played "Shark Attack" which is a game with a sharks mouth open, and you take it in turns pushing his teeth down until you get the wrong one, and the mouth closes "biting" you. Obviously, each time it is a different tooth that sets it off, otherwise it would be a bit pointless, and we found it hysterically funny. Little things please little minds eh...............

We hope for a brighter day tomorrow, and the chance to take some photos.

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