Saturday, 6 March 2010

Why eye.......

Had a lovely sleep - there's definately something to be said for separate beds!! ;-)

We were able to wish Beryl a very happy birthday before heading out into the drizzle for the LONG drive up to Beadnell. For most of the journey it was drizzling just enough to need the wipers on, but not enough to need them full time.

Radio 4 kept us company, and the afternoon play was pretty good i thought. We stopped off at "Scotch Corner" services for a bite to eat and a coffee. I have to say that it was the best coffee that i have had from a Costa for a long time.

We finally arrived at the apartment, and were pleasantly surprised - it is really nice!!! Compact without being cramped - plenty big enough for the two of us - the 2nd bedroom is a bit small but would make an ideal craftroom for Sally!! The living/dining room is a good size, and the whole place is nicely decorated and well furnished/equiped - there is even an XBox!!!

Once we had unpacked our stuff, we headed into the nearby town of Seahouses to buy provisions, and found a Co-Op which was pretty good. having had a walk around the town centre, we discovered a fish & chip shop that claims to be recommended by "The Hairy Bikers" of TV fame. we gave it a try, and it was very very good.

Back at the apartment now (OK, OK, the flat!!), and it seems a little strange to be on holiday in something so "luxurious". I mean, we have electricity, heating and everything!! The signal in the 3G dongle is poor, and the internet is working very slowly, and Sally can't get a signal on hers at all.......

Talking of which, while i'm typing this, Sally is at the dining table doing some work - she relented in the end, and decided that for the sake of her own sanity, she should just give in and bring her laptop with her to finish some spreadsheets that are suddenly vital...........bosses eh?!

i'm going to sign off for now, as the game is about to start on Fire & Ice's Match Night Live......i'm really more interested in reading my book though to be honest!!

It's fairly chilly up here by the way - dry but dull (and dark of course now) and the wind is biting. Where's my jumper and hat?

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