Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Murder at the Priory?????

I forgot to tell you about something that happened on Sunday......

While we were walking around Alnmouth with Julie & Pete, we were stopped from going up a path towards the Priory as they would normally do on this particular walk, by Police Incident tape.

There were a couple of Police cars at the side of the road, and the path up to the Priory was blocked by the tape. We couldn't see anything untoward, but as the path was quite winding, that was hardly surprising.

Obviously, we all speculated about what it may have been about, but didn't think much more about it.

BUT.........later, while walking along the beach, Pete came across one of his sailing friends, who asked if we had heard about "the murder".......he proceeded to tell us that one of the Friars had been found dead, murdered in fact........before bursting out laughing and saying that that was his theory at any rate!!!

When we got back to Julie & Pete's house, they were telling their daughters about this, and one of them commented that one of the Friars HAD died suddenly a few months back, and that maybe this was may even be that Friars TWIN................the other daughter speculated that it could be his EVIL this point the whole conversation got totally out of hand and much laughter ensued.

So far, we have yet to hear what actually has happened at the Priory, and the mystery remains...............

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