Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sunday 7th

What a lovely day we've had! The weather has been superb, dry, sunny and surprisingly warm. Had a good nights sleep and a nice lie in while Sally finished off her work.

Brunch was mushrooms, bacon and eggs, and then we headed off to Alnwick to meet up with a couple Sally knew years ago when they lived in Derby.

Julie and Pete turned out to be a really lovely couple and we got on well. They took us out for a tour of some of their favourite local spots including Alnmouth where we did a very pleasant walk along the beach. Then they took us on to Amble where their yacht is moored. "Tina Louise" is a 32' sailing boat, and I am glad to report that we both got on and off it without falling in the water!

They have certainly helped us to choose a few places to visit during our stay, time and weather permitting of course.

Home made pizza for dinner and now we are watching Dancing on Ice. It is nice and warm in the flat now that we have sussed out the heating. We like it here!!!!!

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