Sunday, 21 March 2010

We are number one????

The hockey season has now finished. The Coventry Blaze have won the Elite League again - for the 4th time in the 6 seasons that we have been following them. I should be excited, overjoyed and jumping around with a sore throat.

However, this season has been a real let down as far as we are concerned. This season, we have only been to about half of our home games - we have missed more games this season than in all the other seasons put together - it has been a total waste of having a season ticket this year.

Why have we missed so many games? A total lack of enthusiasm on our part has been a major factor. The team has under-performed, uninspired and not exctited us as they have previously. Maybe it helps that i have finally gotten it into my head that it really is "only a game".

Some weekends it has felt as though we were being robbed of our Sunday evenings, and it has been an easy decision to stay at home in the warm rather than go to a freezing cold Skydome. My seat at home is also more comfortable, doesn't have sticky stains on it, the catering facilities at home are a lot better, and the toilet is a million times cleaner and more pleasant to use than the ones at the rink!

The "Fire and Ice Match Night Live" coverage has kept us fully informed of what has been going on at the games, and we have often been very thankful that we weren't suffering the dismal performances in person.

Are the Blaze deserved champions? No, not this time. They have not been the best team, but the least worst. The reason for the title is that we beat Belfast more times than they beat us. Some of the results against other teams have been an embarrasement - even the club admit that. Not deserved champions this season, no. This is despite having the genius that is Greg Chambers in the team. He has blown hot and cold like all the players have. Poor Peter Hirsch in goal has often had zero defence in front of him, and at times there has been no apparant leadership on the ice, or indeed effort from the "big name" players........

As pleased as we are with the trophy, it almost feels like we have stolen it from a more deserving team, and as much as i never want to see Belfast win anything, they definately deserve to win something this year.

Will we get season tickets again next year? No. We will go to a few games, but overall, we like having our Sundays back too much.

Thanks Blaze for all the fun, excitement and pleasure you have given us over the last few years, but for now, let's have a break from one another, OK?

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