Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Tuesday 8th June

We awoke to a bright and dry morning. Quite contrary to the weather forecast. However, by the time we had showered and had breakfast, the cloud and mist had come back and it was drizzling slightly. This has somewhat made us alter our plans for the day. When we woke up and saw that it looked pretty good we had decided to investigate the Stackpole Estate and that part of the sticky outy bit of the peninsular. Now we are thinking more along the lines of Tenby and Saundersfoot. I quite fancy the museum of speed at Pendine Sands too.

First of all we tried to find the mythical bakery that is mentioned in the handbook in the flat. Some previous occupants have even mentioned it in the visitors book, but we still cannot find it despite having looked for it every day now.

Took a scenic route to Tenby down some very narrow country lanes in the pouring rain. Yes, by now it was hammering it down. As we got to Tenby it started to ease off a bit, and we decided to go to Saundersfoot first instead.

It was only a few miles up the coast from Tenby, but because of the roads it took a little while to get there. In fact, when we did get there, the sun was shining and the rain had moved on. It was lovely!!

We had been led to believe that Saundersfoot was a dump - a typical seaside tourist town. I can see why some people would perceive it like that, but we really liked it!

Spent a couple of pounds in the amusement arcade, and had a look in some of the gift shops including the "Famous £1.20" one (well, inflation hits even the pound shops I guess!) and picked up a few bargains.

Had a wonder around the rest of the town, which was pretty much just tourist, beach and gift shops. (We like that sort of tackiness though!). We had a cream tea (first one of the holiday) at a very nice cafe which had a terrace overlooking the beach. All very civilised, and quite lovely in the sun. What a change in the weather from first thing and even from yesterday.

Wondered around a bit more before heading back to the car and swapping shoes for flip flops for a walk on the beach. The sand was golden and soft, and the sea was quite warm. (Yes, we had a quick paddle!)

We sat in the shade of a wall and watched the world go by and listened to the waves crash onto the beach. The highlight (from a pure amusement point of view) was watching 2 late-teenage lads trying to put up a net on the beach to play volleyball. They seemed to have very little grasp of the laws of physics, and could not understand why the two poles (which looked about as thin as garden canes) kept pulling in towards each other with the weight of the net. It didn't matter how far they pushed them into the sand or if the put stones against the bottom of the poles, they just would not keep straight. When they started digging two holes to plant them in I thought we were going to wet ourselves. The rest of their mates finally turned up and kicked the ball around, totally failing to offer any help at all. In the end they just did their best with the poles and marked out the court with their heels in the sand. Finally the game started and none of them could hit the ball back over the net, and we just had to move on as by now we were in bits.

We got some crackers with cheese and pickle from the Spa shop and ate those in the sun. We wondered around the few shops that we had missed earlier and then made our way back to the car.

Instead of coming straight back to the flat we went to a tiny place called Wisemans Bridge, which basically just has a pub. However, it also has a carpark which is not only free but is right on the seafront. We sat on the wall taking in the sun, sea and sand while reading our books.

Eventually we made it back to the flat for tea and cake. Sally is playing "Boggle" on my ipod and I'm telling you about our day. The patio door to the balcony is wide open, the sun is still shining, we can hear the sea and feel the breeze, the view is spectacular and just at this moment, life seems perfect. (Well, apart from no signal on the phone!!!)

Dinner was chicken, potatoes and mixed veg with gravy. The chicken was really tasty. Washing up done, we are now playing head to head Boggle, and Sally is winning so far.

The sea is changing colour to a lighter blue as the sun goes down. We can still see further than at any other time since we got here, and fingers are crossed for another lovely day tomorrow.
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