Friday, 11 June 2010

Thursday 10th June

The weather forecast for today is cloudy, windy and rain showers. So far the only bit they have right is windy. The sun is shining and it looks as though it could be another glorious day. (Or do I speak too soon?)

The fact that I dozed for a couple of hours yesterday evening meant that I didn't sleep as well as normal during the night. Doh!

Yes, I speak too soon, as when we ready to go out it had clouded over. It was still pleasantly warm though. We headed out through Tenby towards Kilgetty. On the way we spotted a market cum car boot just outside of Tenby, so we stopped and had a look around. It was my first experience of a car boot sale, so I didn't really know what to expect. It was a right old mish mash of old stuff and new items. Don't quite know what I thought to it at the moment!

Carried on to Kilgetty where there is a glass blowing workshop. It was more like a large tin shed in someones garden, and despite the "open" signs, appeared to be deserted.

We then made our way to Colby Woodland Garden, which is a National Trust site. The weather was still cloudy, but pleasant enough for a walk. We started with a cup of tea at the cafe before walking the half a mile or so to the beach at Amroth. The walk was along a track through a wood and came out on the road through Amroth. You cross the road and you are on the beach. It is a pebbly beach leading down to a narrow strip of sand and then the sea itself. It reminded me a bit of Newgale from last year, but the road through this village is most definately NOT an A road. You would not get here by accident that's for sure.

We walked back to the cafe and had lunch. Sally had the 3 cheese platter, and I had the grilled goats cheese with toasted pine nuts on a bed of salad drizzled with balsamic vinegar. I have to say - it was fabulous!! I think we both agree that they were the best meals of the holiday so far.

We made our way back to Tenby and had another wonder around the shops - treated ourselves to a couple of mugs. We had a quick hot chocolate at a cafe. Sally had a bit of a headache, and the hope was that a drink and fresh air would help.

We picked up a brochure in Tenby full of properties to rent for holidays. Sally is busy planning our next trip here already!!

I drove back to the flat from Tenby. It was the first time that I have driven the Seat Leon that is Sallys current company car. It is a diesel, so that was pretty new to me too. I did drive one of her Focus diesels a while back, but this was only my second time driving one. It all went well, I did manage to stall it a couple of times, but Sally manages that too. It seems that you have to rev to doo-dahs off it when you pull away. No namby pamby gentle acceleration when you pull away. Hit the rev limiter and dump the clutch!! (Well, not quite, but you get the idea)

Back as base, I read for a while and Sally played boggle, but not before we had christened our new mugs with tea. Dinner was Ryvitas with tuna followed by cherry scones and strawberries. The scones were from a bakery stall on the market and the strawberries were from a farm shop just outside of Tenby.

It is still cloudy and a little hazy in the distance, but has stayed dry. The day has been pretty good really, and the woodland garden was great, even though we only scratched the surface of what was there. I suspect a trip back on a lovely day will be in order.

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