Monday, 7 June 2010

Sunday 6th

Both had a good nights sleep. The bed is comfy though rather smaller than what we are used to at home.

The morning started very grey but just about dry. Cereal and tea for breakfast followed by a nice hot shower - if only we had that water pressure at home!

The flat is growing on me, and despite its small size is perfectly adequate. We have already re-organised it in our minds to set it out how we would prefer it.

Still no mobile phone signal, so yesterdays blog entry remains on the blackberry.

Left the flat at about 10:30 and headed to Tenby. It is only 8 miles but the road is narrow and twisty and took an age to get there. Once in the car park, found a mobile signal, so fired off yesterdays entry.

Tenby is a very pleasant town, with an old walled section where the majority of the shops are. The usual plethora of gift shops is supplemented by small multiples and independants selling most things one could want. A quick look in a couple of estate agents windows showed a huge variation in prices depending on the area. Even within the same town/village the prices vary tremendously. There must be some well dodgy areas!!

After exploring the town for a couple of hours we got fish & chips from "the runner up best chip shop in Wales", and have to confess that they were very good. I would love to find out who won and try theirs!

While you are waiting to be served in the chip shop, they have a little game you can play. There is a small bucket on the counter filled with water with a whole lemon floating in it. The challenge is to put a 10p piece on the lemon and make it balance. If it falls off the lemon you lose the 10p. If you can make it stay on the lemon your fish and chips are free. Looks easy, but its not. We lost our 10p, and a lady behind us lost quite a few while she was waiting! I asked the chap behind the counter if many people won, and he confessed that no one had ever won. The money was for their Christmas party, and why else did we think that so many of their prices were something and ninety pence!!

Sitting on the cliff top overlooking the sea as I type this. The weather is sunny with cloudy moments. Sometimes you need your coat, sometimes you don't. At least the rain shower we had as we got here was very brief.

The view is very good from where we are sitting. With Caldey Island very close by, and The Gower Peninsular just about visible in the hazy distance.

Went back to the flat and got our walking boots on for a bit of a jaunt. Wondered down onto the beach at the bottom of the steep slope the flats are built on. It started off ok, but as we got onto the sand dunes the going got a bit tougher. Sand is suprisingly difficult to walk on when you are sinking in a bit with each step.

It was wonderfully sunny on the beach, and we sat and watched the waves for a while before braving the long ascent back up the hill. The sand was absolutely knackering to walk up, but we made it in the end. Once back at the flat, we opened the door to the balcony and enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air with the sound of the waves in the distance.

We both read for a while, and I fell asleep in the chair for a bit too. (What a surprise!) before moving to the sofa and falling asleep again!

Dinner tonight was just sandwiches, to be followed by ice cream.....yummy!!

Nothing worth watching on the telly, so I started to type up my journal from our trip to Norfolk in 2008. Sally did her best to decipher my scribbles and dictated them to me to type up on the Mac. Still no signal on the phone or on the 3G dongle.

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