Wednesday, 2 June 2010

It's that time again :-)

It's holiday time again.......yeah!!!!!!!

Yes, on Saturday we go off to Wales for two weeks, and we can't wait.

The first week will be spent in a two bedroomed apartment in Freshwater East just down the coast from Tenby, and the second week in a one bedroomed detached house out at Langland on the Gower Peninsular. Both are within sight of the sea, and the second is overlooking a golf course.

If you want to see more details, check out their websites:-

The details we have been sent about the first week mentions that the mobile phone signal is not great, so it remains to be seen if i will be able to get on the net at the apartment, so the blogging may be a bit limited - we will have to see, but bear with me - i will do my best!

I am also hoping to finally type up the journal from our trip to Norfolk 2 years ago. Have just finished the Cornwall one from 2007.......

The weather forecast is not looking too promising, but you know how little you can believe those things. Don't worry - we will take coats with us.

Have fun - I'm sure that we will!!

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