Friday, 22 June 2012


Thursday 21st June - the longest day of the year. Really? I beg to differ this year! Yes, it chose to be a dull and wet day this year. Sally woke up with a headache, so we decided to have a lazy day. The weather made the decision very easy in reality.

Just after lunch time it brightened up a bit and Sally was feeling a bit better so we walked into Criccieth town for the first time. I knew that there was a shortcut from the information pack in the appartment, but like a fool, I had forgotten to make a proper note of the directions. This meant that the first route we tried was hopelessly wrong. I knew that there was a footpath after five bungalows, I just didn't know which road these five bungalows were in!!

Eventually we found it, and it did mean that the route into town was both quick and non-hilly, so it was worth the effort in the end.

The town itself was a bit of a let down though. We knew that there was not a lot there, but even so it was basically a waste of time. The walk was pleasant though, so that was good.

On the way back, we stopped at a cafe by the beach that we had driven passed every day. There we had a pot of tea and Welsh cakes. They were not the usual bought ones and were absolutely lovely. The tea was, unusually, loose tea and involved using a strainer when pouring. How very civilised, and how very tasty!

Afterwards we sat on a bench on the seafront, enjoying the air and talking about the holiday and our thoughts about going back to work.

It started to rain a little, so we carried on walking back to the flat. This involved walking up a steep hill which had almost killed us the first time we did it, but now we were finding it much easier and were able to carry on our conversation while doing it too. Either we are a bit fitter than when we first got here, or the hill has worn down somewhat!

We briefly stopped off at the castle for a look around the visitor centre, but decided not to go into the castle itself, partly because the weather was turning a bit more threatening, and mostly because after looking at the photos of the castle remains it appears that the best view is the one you get from outside of the castle!

Not long after we got back in, it started to rain a bit more, so we had timed it just about right. Sally did some more crocheting and I read.

We had decided to go to the same fish + chip shop as last week for our last night, and had the same cod, chips, mushy peas, bread and a pot of tea. It was just as good as last week, and once again, I really enjoyed the mushy peas. Normally I can't stand them, but these were great.

We just about made it back to the flat before the heavens opened, and it threw it down for the rest of the evening. It actually became even rougher into the early hours, the wind got up and the sea became really rough, the tide was in more than we had seen before, and we wondered if the waves ever made it up onto the road where we were parked.

I couldn't get to sleep to begin with, but eventually drifted off and was only woken by the alarm on my phone going off at 7am. We had already taken some things out to the car on Thursday, so it didn't take too long to finish getting packed. The car seems fuller now than it did on the way here!

The rain started in earnest again as we left Criccieth. The low clouds meant that all the views were hidden, and it seems like a good thing that we are on our way home.

The rain continued pouring and the clouds remained low hiding the mountains all the way through Wales almost to the border. We are now in England (I am typing this from the passenger seat as Sally drives) and all the road signs are so much smaller - they only need to be in one language! The signs painted on the road only say "slow" and not "araf slow". It has stopped raining though, which almost makes up for the fact we are going home and the holiday is over.

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  1. I had to laugh out loud when you said the peas were mushy but, that you loved them!