Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Late Father's Day present...

While we were on holiday, it had been my intention to do a small cross-stitch project for Sally's dad for Father's Day. Unfortunately, while i had taken the aida, threads, needles etc with me - i hadn't realised that the chart was ONLY in the magazine, and not in the folder with all the other bits, so in the end i couldn't do it! Grrrrrr.

When we got back home, i made a start and got the body of it done in a couple of evenings, only to not find time to back stitch it and finish it off until Friday/Saturday evenings.

As we were going to see Ron & Beryl on the Sunday just gone, it was important that i got it finished, and managed to just about.

I stitched the whole thing onto a sheet of felt for extra strength as the intention is that he uses it as a book mark.

So, here is the finished project.........

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  1. Very cute. I have never attempted to cross stitch. I hate mixing math and crafts. (IE;counting stitches)