Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Tuesday 19th June

Another bright, sunny morning! Yeehaa!! Summer is here at last (maybe). Yesterday i managed to get a sunburnt head. Every year i manage this, and every year i vow not to make the same mistake again, but i always manage to. Thankfully, it's not as bad as in previous years, and my scalp isn't quite glowing like a beacon, but let it be a lesson to me. (again)

Today, we went a bit South, and took the coast road from Porthmadog to Harlech. We knew that there is a castle there, but didn't really know anything else about it. It turns out to be a much smaller place than we had thought, but it is a very pretty little town/village, with a few shops, mostly antique ones and tea-rooms, and then the castle hidden down a side street.

We hadn't planned to visit it, and hadn't put enough parking time on the car, but i did take a few photos for you.

And the view across to the mountains inland.....

Some of the roads in Harlech are seriously steep - the photos don't really show it, check out the road sign in the second one!

We moved on from Harlech to Barmouth, which turned out to be larger than we had expected, and also had the first really sandy beach that we have seen all holiday.

We were a bit naughty and had a cream tea, and then had a walk around the town. It was a mixture of gift shops selling the obvious holiday tat, antique shops and cafes. There was even an amusement arcade, which i managed to keep Sally out of! We did nip into the Co-Op for a bit of a top up for the larder, and then, having put these in the car, had a brief sit on the beach.

While we were sitting on the beach, a "mature" lady managed to get stuck on a low wall. She and her husband had walked off the sand, and had assumed that the wall surrounding it was the same height on both sides. Unfortunately it wasn't - they had to step only a few inches off the sand onto it, and then discovered that it was about a two foot drop down to the pavement.

The husband managed to get down and carried on walking, leaving his poor wife stranded, not quite knowing how to get down. I went to her rescue, like a knight in shining armour (well, like a fat balding bloke in t-shirt and jeans actually), and helped her to get down and sort herself out.  I was less than impressed with her hubby for leaving her....typical bloke....giving the rest of us a bad name!

Anyway, our parking time was now up, so we made our way back along the coast road, but this time decided to try the "Toll" bridge across to Porthmadog. We had ignored it on the way there, as it only saves about five miles, and had expected it be quite pricey. (There were no signs on the approaches to to with prices)

Imagine our surprise when, as you get a few yards from it, the board lists the cost to cars as 50p (yes, fifty pence). We were more than happy with that. It is a single track bridge, and you have to wait to cross if something is coming the other way. Imagine our surprise again that there was no one to collect the toll at our end of the bridge (or indeed anything to put the money into) - not to worry, it must be at the other end we thought....but no.....nothing at that end either! So, it is clearly the cheapest Toll bridge in the world.....or we can expect a letter demanding payment throught the post at a later date......

By the time we arrived back in Criccieth, the sun had gone home, no doubt tired of all its shining, there were more clouds in the sky, and even the odd spot of rain. Another day done and dusted, another successful day of our holiday.....let's just hope that the England team finishes the day off well in the football tonight. Mustn't worry though, after all Rooney is back tonight, and we all know what a "hero"he is........(cough, cough), and anyway, it's only a game.....! ;-)

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