Friday, 15 June 2012

Friday 15th June - rainy day blues

Well, it had to happen at some point. A full blown rainy day. Not only did it throw it down with rain for 97% of the day, it was seriously windy, with the waves crashing onto the shore like we have not seen before during our time here.

We decided to have a lazy day here at the apartment, and while Sally spent some time colouring, I spent a fair bit of time dozing while listening to the radio.

We finally emerged into the bleak weather this evening so that we could have the fish & chips that we had promised ourselves. The wind almost blew you off your feet as we went out of the door, and the ferocity of it did take your breath away.

Despite the chip shop only being about a quarter of a mile or so along the road, we elected to take the car, and to make it more worthwhile went into town to pick up some essentials at the Spar shop before heading to the chip shop.

Castle Fish & Chips has a good reputation locally, and they have a small dining area as well as the take away that makes up the majority of their trade. We elected to eat in, and ordered the fish, chips & mushy peas, with a pot of tea.

The service was quick and efficient, and the food was very good, with the fish being both fresh and tasty.

I also asked our waitress how to say "thank you" in Welsh. I thought I had misheard her answer, but the word is "diolch", which is pronounced "dee-olkh", so we can add this to the small range of Welsh we know!

I'm sorry that there isn't any more to tell you about our day, but there you go - we are on holiday after all!!

The photos are to show some of Sally's work, and the state of the waves.


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