Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Last swimming lesson

Today was my last swimming lesson. It felt kind of sad, but I also felt proud of what I have achieved in a relatively short time. To think that only a few months ago I sat shaking on the edge of the pool really not wanting to get in, it seems that I have come such a long way.
I can swim lengths of breaststroke like I have been doing it for years now. I am happy and confident in the water, and on the odd occasion that things don't quite go to plan, I can get myself out of trouble quite happily and just giggle about it.
The last two lessons have been mostly spent on working on front crawl, and I have pretty much cracked it now, and with a bit more practice, I should be able to do lengths of that with no problem.
Am still not too happy on my back, but am getting better with each attempt. That will need quite a bit more effort on my part, but with Sallys help when we go swimming, that shouldn't be too big a problem to overcome.
I do need to make sure that I keep up going to the pool as often as I can. I still hope to get a Wednesday daytime swim in as well as the evening ones with Sally. Practice makes perfect, and I need plenty of practice!
So, I have proven myself wrong, and learnt to swim then. Did I get a badge? No. What I did get is a new skill, a new found sense of self belief, a new hobby, and hopefully a lifelong friend.

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