Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Well, here we are again - another day another blogging app for the iPad to try out! It seems that there really isn't the "ideal" blogging app available. They all have their good points and they all have their bad ones.
Just when you think you have found the one that suits you best, you find the down side.......blogpress seemed like it was going to be the best one to use, and then you discover the photos it uploads to the blog turn out with a very low resolution. This seems to be the case even if you set the levels to be as per the original image. Upload the same image using bloggerplus and it is fine, but bloggerplus is not as easy to use.
Blogsy seems to be very powerful and clever, but you cannot add in photos from the iPad itself, only ones that you have already put onto flickr, picassa etc. This is a big negative for it as far as I am concerned. The developers of it claim they will alter this for the next version, but don't say when this will actually be available.
Sally is using the iPad a lot for her blog, and is also a bit frustrated with these things. I am keen to find the ideal solution for me before our holiday to make my task as simple as possible while we are away......
Today's photo is one from flickr from a while back, if only to give this feature within blogsy a try.

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