Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Well that didn't quite go to plan!

Today was my day off, so I was able to have a nice lie in before heading off to the Windmill for my swimming lesson. It went quite well, I am improving every time, though not as quickly as I would like of course!
Sue has come up with a new idea to help me try to get over my "problem" with standing up, and it really helped, as is definitely worth a try and persevering with. Once I can crack that, I will be safe to be left alone in the water!
The afternoon saw me trying to get to Warwick for an appointment. I thought that half an hour would be plenty of time to spare - it usually is, but not today. Just after I passed the Kenilworth turn off the A46, the traffic ground to a halt on all three lanes. It would seem that there had been an accident somewhere between the Leek Wootton exit and the Warwick IBM one. For almost an hour we moved along at a snails pace until I was waved off at Leek Wootton by the police. The road into Warwick was grid locked, and so I decided to gomaround the island and get back on the 46 back towards coventry.
So as not to have a completely wasted afternoon, I went to PCWorld/Currys, and got a case for the iPad and the camera connector for it too. Also went to Dunelm and got some new pillows, so, despite it not really going to plan, it really wasn't a total waste of time!
Got to take the Christmas decorations down in a bit - something I enjoy even less than putting them up in the first place.....

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