Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Year - New Toy

Not another new toy I hear you cry! Yes, I'm afraid so.
As predicted by several of you, I have ended up buying an iPad. I wasn't convinced about them, and in a way I'm still not, but I have been swayed by some of the apps that are available for them now. For me, the final thing that swayed me was discovering that Korg have released their MS20 and Electribe in iPad format. The MS20 is a stunning bit of kit for less than a tenner, (in fact in a way it is equivalent to 7 or 8 MS20s if you want to be pedantic), you try buying a "real" MS20 for under a four figure sum!
Propellerheads have also released Rebirth for the iPad which also got my juices flowing, and in the end I just could not resist the temptation any longer.
In fact, I am writing this blog entry using the iPad. I have had to promise Sally that I actually will USE this particular toy!
Was it as easy to set up as they claimed in the shop? No. My Mac didn't have os 10.5.8 or wa
Whatever so I had to download that before I could even start. That was surprisingly quick for such a big download! Got the iPad working, sync'd the apps I had for the iPhone over to it, download the new ones I wanted and was up and running. Very impressive it is too.
Then I tried to get the 3G data side of it do old people cope? Was it easy? Not in your wildest dreams! In the end I discovered (more by luck than judgement) that you have to reboot the iPad once you think you have the data side of it set up. Once you do that, it all bursts into life. Why can't that be made a little clearer anywhere?
Grrrrr.....still, we are up and running now, and all seems far!!

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