Thursday, 6 January 2011

More swimming

Yes, we have been swimming again! After work today I went to visit my parents as usual, and then went home, got changed, and Sally & I went swimming.
Ten minutes in the steam room, an hour in the pool and ten minutes in the sauna, and we both felt great.
Sally did around 30 lengths (she lost count!), and I did a fair few widths, mostly totally on my own while she was doing her lengths. I also did a few lengths with her in front of me, much like Sue does with me during my lessons. I am still finding standing up really hard to do - I know that it is a mental thing rather than anything else, and once I have got the confidence to do it totally unaided, I will be fine.
I feel tired now, but very satisfied with what I managed to do. I have to be a bit proud of myself, as it is not that long ago that I was terrified of the water, not looking forward to spending an hour in it. I owe a huge debt of thanks to both Sue and Sally for their help, encouragement and patience!
Can't wait to get in the water again......

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