Saturday, 1 January 2011

January 1st 2011

So, another new years day bites the dust. A fairly uneventful day to start the year with, the weather was rather dull and a bit wet.
We had a bit of a lie in (the first of many if I have any say in the matter!) and then made a start on tidying up a bit. To begin with, we had to have a Good tidy in the back room, clearing out some bits and bobs so that the big filing cabinet from the office could be moved in next to my desk. The idea is to create a bit more space in Sally's office so that she can have a new unit in there to try to make more room for her crafting bits. The theory has yet to be proven, but it is worth a try.
This also meant that I finally tidied my desk a bit and was able to get my Novation KS4 on the desk at long last, and was also able to set up the Korg Electribe as well. I am quite pleased with the result and enjoyed having a play with them and even came up with what I thought was a good little riff. I am looking forward to having a play around with it.
Home made garlic bread and a tuna pasta bake was a super evening meal, coupled with watching a Swedish episode of Wallander complete with subtitles made a splendid evening overall.
If the rest of the year can hold up this standard, it could turn out to be a good one!!

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