Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Mac Report - week 2

Week two of owning a Mac. So, how is it going then? Very well thank you for asking!!! The keyboard is an absolute delight to use, and it makes me want to write which is good news, and so far I have been working on quite a few different articles and blogs.

I have got my head around most of the operating system, and while it is different in many ways to Windows, the way it does work is so much more intuitive and obvious – sensible even. The way you can use different numbers of fingers on the track pad to do different things is amazing, you just have to remember how to do them all, but it is becoming more natural with every day.

I have in fact bought a wireless “Mighty Mouse” for it, which is good for when you are using the mouse a lot, it is easier than the trackpad, though not quite as functional in some ways.

I have got more software on it now – Office 2008, Aperture and Photoshop – I really want to keep it at that – it is supposed to be a tool for me not a plaything after all!!

The software seems to be very stable so far as well, and it is certainly a lot faster than a PC in many respects.

So, full marks to Apple so far – I am very impressed and look forward to many more happy hours of Mac’ing in the future!!

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