Sunday, 15 June 2014

Sunday 15th June - Father's Day

A dull and overcast day today. A nice lie in after the best night's sleep that I have had for quite a while. Maybe the answer is single beds then??!!

The original plan had been to go to Kedlestone Hall today, but the weather didn't give us any encouragement to go outside, with periodic showers and black clouds.

Instead, we spent a lovely day with Ron and Beryl, chatting, catching up on the gossip, and even playing games in the afternoon. (We showed them how to play "Ticket to Ride", but I have my doubts that they will get as hooked as we have been!)

The aftermath of the England v Italy game was all over the news, but it was no major surprise that we lost last night, if anything only losing by the one goal was a bit of a surprise!

I gather from speaking to my dad that the weather has been very hot and sunny back home while we have been away. I am dreading seeing what state the grass is in when we get back, but the nice thing is that we have the new driveway to look forward to. I have to arrange with the council to drop the curbs and then the job will be all finished. Then maybe we can get the garden sorted. One step at a time.....

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